The Bot Empire

Ages 3 to 19

Children and teens will learn to build and communicate with our favourite robots through code. It’s a ton of fun with LEGO robotics, autonomous cars, flying drones and much more!

Our individualized learning method enables children and teens to complete our curriculum at their own pace. What’s even better is our flexi-time schedule, which allows you to book in a time-slot when you can during our opening hours. Call/Whatsapp +65 8145 5004 to book today.


Little Ones

Within the first few years of your child’s life, brain development is of utmost importance. Through zero screen time and our friendly pre-school robots, Empire Code’s play-based brain development programme targets the essential left and right-brain training for early childhood.

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Kindy and early age primary school kids get a confident head start in primary school science and computing. This level includes real-world science projects for engineering and technology, and hands-on tasks for spatial awareness development.

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Our primary schoolers take a leap in real-world team collaboration and communication through The Bot Empire Juniors program. All this while creatively coding a programmable computer which powers engineering control motors and sensors.

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High Schoolers

Teens require collaborative and critical thinking in their learning as they prepare for tertiary education. Our Bot Empire IV modules engages teens to think outside the box, so as to come up with abstract ideas and solve complex problems to build confidence.

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