The Dorm

Ages 12 to 79

Learn the concept and technologies of frontend web development in HTML5, CSS & JavaScript for advertising, eCommerce and gaming. The Dorm offers strong foundations for backend software development in Python & C++ too.

Our individualized learning method enables students to complete our curriculum at their own pace. What’s even better is our flexi-time schedule, which allows you to book in a time-slot when you can during our opening hours. Call/Whatsapp +65 8145 5004 to book today.



With HTML5 and CSS, you will learn to code a markup language and understand the concept and technologies behind creating your very own blogsite and eCommerce website.

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JavaScript Gaming

JavaScript allows us to make our web pages dynamic. Learn to use it for game development and you’ll start gaining valuable basics into one of the most versatile programming languages of our time.

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Python Basics

Python is a well-known programming language with a very simple structure. We’ll get you kick-started on learning the language, understanding fundamentals and creating fun graphic designs.

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Python Gaming

Python gaming is a fun way for everyone to create web-based game applications. Arcade games come to life for your friends and family at home through your very own code.

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C++ Basics

C++ Basics

Thanks to its speed and ability, C++ is best for algorithmic trading systems. It can also be used to develop game engines and desktop apps. C++ was used for making Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

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An eCommerce website allows you to sell your offered products and services to online customers all over the world. Learn to build and publish your very own eCommerce site with a content management system.

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