If your child can’t get enough of Minecraft, register them for the Microsoft & UNESCO Minecraft Global Build Challenge 2021. This is an international competition for ages 8 to 18.


Draw from the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and use Microsoft’s Minecraft: Education Edition (M:EE) to build a solution for your community that shows how we can change unsustainable behaviours for ways of living in harmony with nature.

Submission Date: Friday 19th November 2021
Registration Link: https://msft.it/6013Xd3qT


● Gain knowledge, understanding and be able to describe what improves and harms nature and about some of the ways we can look after nature.
● Know and understand that there are different kinds of responsibilities and duties at home, at school, in the community and towards the environment.
● Learn that resources are limited and how they can be allocated in different ways and that these choices affect individuals, communities and the sustainability of the environment.
● Exposure to a global competition


● Completion of Minecraft: Education module
● 10 hours of competition training* (Training hours can be deducted from our credit packages)
*flexi-hour schedule

As a certified Microsoft Minecraft: Education training partner, with experience in preparing more than 1000 students to date in Minecraft: Education competitions, we will be running competition preparatory courses. Access to free licenses will be provided to course attendees for this competition.

Registration Form for New Students
For existing students, please contact 8145 5004


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