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Coding & Robotics

Computer science is a huge umbrella that covers hardware, software, game design and programming. The concepts of science, technology, engineering, math and the arts are embedded within computer science modules; with selected courses placing more emphasis on particular topics.

Direct School Admission (DSA) Program

Direct School Admission (DSA) is a program that allows Primary 6 students to apply to schools before taking the PSLE. As of 2023, there are currently 53 schools that cover a variety of areas such as coding, robotics, STEM, Innovation and Info-comm. Some examples include SJI, Hwa Chong, MGS, NYGS, River Valley, Nanyang JC (Secondary), ACS(I) and many more.

Empire Code tailors our students’ learning journey to create customized portfolios according to their preferred schools. Click on the button below to learn more and book a free phone consult with one of our experts.


Javier DSA Student

Javier, Student of 2023

Javier was successfully admitted in Admiralty Secondary School.

We came across Empire Code while searching for a coding/robotics program for enrichment. Empire Code stood out from the rest with its varied programs spanning different types of genres. The trainers and conducive environment at the centers further reaffirm that our decision was a good one. Our son, Javier, really enjoys every lesson and looks forward to the next one. He has certainly improved his knowledge of coding and robotics. We progressed with Empire Code to their DSA program.

Empire Code’s knowledge and experience were very valuable and useful in the whole process. The trainers were genuinely concerned and followed up after the DSA interviews on the progress and also the outcome. With the great support from Empire Code, Javier was successfully offered a place in the school through DSA. A big kudos to everyone in Empire Code for the great help. We look forward to Javier continuing to learn more from the talented trainers in Empire Code.

– Gary, Javier’s Dad
Tommy DSA Student

Tommy, Student of 2023

Tommy was successfully admitted in St Joseph’s Institution (SJI).

My son was successfully admitted in St Joseph’s Institution (SJI) thru Innovation DSA. I’d like to give my heartfelt thanks to Empire Code and its team for all the support that they have given us and walk alongside with us throughout this journey.

At the beginning of the planning stage, Ms Sherine was very resourceful and helpful in helping us to plan our courses to build our portfolio. All teachers, especially Teacher Michael, in the Empire Code made lessons fun and enjoyable. My son looks forward to going to the centre weekly.

I also like that the lessons are free and easy credit system kind without a fixed weekly schedule. That really helps us in juggling our time during the busy time leading up to PSLE.

The portfolio building, the DSA interview prep course, the fun and engaging teachers and team, all of the above helped us in a successful admission to SJI thru DSA. Thank you, Empire Code.

– Gloria, Tommy’s Mom
Rey DSA Student

Rey, Student of 2020

Rey was successfully admitted in School of Science and Technology (SST).

My son Rey has always liked computer games, he loves Minecraft and Roblox the most as these games allow him to build, design, calculate his game space and challenge his creativity. He would often call me to his computer desk and enthusiastically show me his new creation and design and he marvels on the vastness of possibilities that he can create.

His primary school had this program for the students to learn basic programming like Scratch. Rey instantly developed this interest in programming, so he began to do some simple codes whenever he is free at home and was very ecstatic each time he made his code work. With the influence of his dad, who he himself is a hardware and software engineer, Rey’s passion in coding was fueled and ignited.

In September 2019, I came upon an ad about an activity offered for kids interested in completing an Escape Room by cracking codes. Empire code was running this activity during the school holidays. I signed Rey up for it and after he was done with the activity, he saw the campus in Tanglin Shopping Centre and learned that they were offering programming lessons. Rey couldn’t wait to go back.

Jasmine from Empire Code was very helpful and explained the various levels of learning and hence, Rey started his lessons, beginning with a 20-hour credits. The lessons really helped open Rey’s world in programming and broadened his horizons about coding world.

His teacher from school noticed Rey’s new interest coupled with Rey’s love for Science and Technology, she suggested for Rey to consider applying to School of Science and Technology for Secondary School.

Jasmine from Empire Code was very supportive and she even helped to call the school to collect details on how a student would go about applying for DSA.

With this goal for DSA in mind, Rey continued to learn various programming languages like JavaScript, Python and C among others from his caring teachers form Empire Code, Aaron, Eric and Felicia.

Applications for DSA in SST, one needed to list out the student’s achievements in activities and competitions that the student has participated in outside of school in addition to his CCA’s. As Rey did not go for any competitions before, he listed all his projects done and developed in Empire Code as his supporting activities and achievements.

Then, the most awaited day came. Rey was offered to join SST for Secondary education. Rey was overjoyed.

Rey is currently a Secondary 1 student at SST, always enjoying his time and is looking forward to go to school every day. The school offers a lot of avenue for the student to develop holistically in an environment that allows him to pursue his passion. The school’s parent support group is amazing as well!

Thank you once again, Empire Code. For being one of the instruments that helped Rey in his DSA to SST journey.

– Rose, Rey’s mum

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