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Cloud Hosted Solutions

Cloud Hosted Solutions

Cloud hosting enables your solution to be accessible globally, allowing for scalability, increased revenue and team members to work remotely in any location. It also increases your software speed, makes data backup possible, and disaster recovery manageable, all in a cost-efficient manner. A reliable and secure cloud host is important too, which is why our cloud architects use Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure cloud solutions. Empire Code is a member of the AWS Partner Network.

Our Unique Cloud Hosted Solutions

  • 1. Cloud migration
  • 2. Bookings applications
  • 3. E-Commerce solutions
  • 4. E-Fitness mobile apps
  • 5. E-Learning, student & parent portals
  • 6. Game development
  • 7. Ground operations dashboards
  • 8. Loyalty rewards programs
  • 9. Mobile apps
  • 10. Websites

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