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Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Graphics are essential in every stage of a marketing funnel to engage, inform and persuade prospective customers to make a purchase or decision. At Empire Code, we create graphics to suit your brand’s needs and strategy, as your business has a story worth telling. We have an extensive range of graphic design solutions which cater to digital marketing, email marketing, flyer distribution, infographics, shopfront banners & posters, and website graphics. We’ll even introduce you to affordable printing solutions.

Our Graphic Design Solutions

  • 1. Custom booklets
  • 2. Digital marketing
  • 3. Electronic direct mail (EDM)
  • 4. Flyers for distribution
  • 5. Infographics
  • 6. Mobile apps
  • 7. Sales materials
  • 8. Shopfront banners & posters
  • 9. Standing banners
  • 10. Websites

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