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Learning Management Systems

Learning Management Systems

Online learning allows schools and enrichment centres to diversify revenue and increase enrolments globally. It also helps philanthropies educate beneficiaries and companies upskill their workforce on a larger scale. A learning management system (LMS) is a platform where you can upload, update, track the progress of students and analyse student data. At Empire Code, we’ve assisted large organisations in creating LMS platforms to hold educational resources, online tests and competition information in one central location.

Our Learning Management System Functions

  • 1. Accreditations & certifications
  • 2. Chatroom integration
  • 3. Grade analytics
  • 4. Learning materials & video content
  • 5. Mobile app portals
  • 6. Online assessments & examinations
  • 7. Web-based portals
  • 8. Workplace training & upskilling
  • 9. Workshops
  • 10. Zoom integration

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