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Learn to Use Minecraft: Education Edition

Use these free resources to create and code in Minecraft: Education Edition (M:EE).

Create, Install, Use

Learn to create, install, and use your M:EE account. If you do not have an Office 365 education account, click on Activate Free Trial for a step-by-step guide to obtain your free trial license.

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Game Commands

Learn the basic gameplay of M:EE and how to run simple game commands to change the Minecraft world environment.

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Non-Playable Characters

Learn to create and configure Non-Playable Characters (NPC) to help you tell an exciting story. We will also look into how to run in-game commands using these NPCs.

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Camera & Book Items

Explore the usage of the camera and book items to better present your M:EE world. Allow players to create their own unique items to record their journey.

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Chalkboard Items

Use chalkboard items and permission blocks to display readable information.

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Create Fireworks

Use the firework rocket items to light up your M:EE world!

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Learn To Code

Enhance your M:EE world through code to impress the judges. Access Microsoft Makecode’s M:EE online coding tutorials.

Coding Tutorials   >

Intermediate Coding

Learn concepts to code a pyramid for an Egyptian King in your M:EE world.

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