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Course description

The LEGO WeDo coding and robotics program combines traditional LEGO bricks with sensors, servo motors and microprocessors to create machines. The program adheres to the United States Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), which uses a hands-on approach to improve the problem-solving skills and computational thinking abilities of children. These skills are developed through a fun and interactive process. Engineering principles are included. Empire Code Education is an award winner in the International First LEGO League competition, with all 3 teams winning an award each in 2021.
For Ages: 5 to 9.

Our LEGO Robotics Classrooms In Action

Program Benefits

•  Computer science skills
•  Engineering skills
•  Robotics
•  Science
•  Spatial awareness
•  Opportunity to join international competitions – We are award winners in the FIRST LEGO LEAGUE (FLL) 2020 & 2021 competitions. Sign up with us for FLL 2022!


•  1-Hour Trial Class at SG$40. Use our Empire Code app and get your trial class at half the price at SG$20
•  Package prices as low as SG$27 per hour
•  Private classes are available, please enquire

Tools Required

•  iOS or Android tablet (at least 7.9”), Mac or Windows laptop
•  Download WeDo 2.0 software App

Why Empire Code

•  Easy to understand teaching method
•  Experienced teachers
•  Classes are flexi-hour in Singapore to suit your schedule

Our Award Winners

parent review

2020 First LEGO League Jr.

Our team comprising of Eaden, Gordon, Jihu and Wee How, built a marvellous model with an earthquake-proof foundation, which could tackle climate change issues such as the greenhouse effect and won the Cooperative Model Award.

parent review

2020 First LEGO League

Our City Shaper team comprised of Aurelia, Leo, Nathan, Sean and Quinn. They chose to understand Singapore’s historical Nicoll Highway collapse and how drones can be used to prevent such structural incidences from occurring again.

parent review

2021 First LEGO League Jr.

All 3 of our teams walked away with an award each! Code Explorers comprised of Zachary, Emilie, Yu Heng, Luke and Aiden. Coding Masters comprised of Chase, Alexander, Xavier, Si Kai and Abhay. Crazy Coders comprised of John-Paul, Mason, Oksana, Rui Xuan and Cameron.

Curriculum Outline by Course Level

LEGO WeDo Beginner

•  Introduce the concepts of coding and robotics
•  Explore beginner science concepts (applied, natural and computer science)
•  Motor skills, cognitive skills

LEGO WeDo Advanced

•  Explore advanced science concepts (applied, natural and computer science)
•  3D Spatial awareness
•  Reverse engineering processes and applications

LEGO WeDo Competition Training

•  Left and right brain training
•  Problem solving skills
•  Speech training & presentation skills
•  Certificates of participation from FLL and Empire Code for DSA portfolio


Q: Can my 4 year old join LEGO Robotics?
A: Not as yet, however, if your kid is able to use an iPad or is proficient with building traditional LEGO bricks, we can try a 1-hour trial class to understand your kid better. We suggest you look through our other programs as well. Please click here for Cubetto or ScratchJr.

Q: How long will the students finish each level?
A: Between 40 and 60 hours, depending on the child’s needs. We run an individualised learning method, which enables students to learn at their own pace and progress according to their ability. This helps them become independent programmers in the future.

Q: Where are the available class locations?
A: For Singapore there is a choice of our Tanglin campus for all courses.