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Our science program employs the use of virtual worlds for students to visualise science topics. This program follows the Singapore MOE Primary 3 to 6 syllabus closely to to prepare students for the PSLE. The Meta Oculus Quest 2 is used for this program.

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Science through Virtual Reality

Level: Beginners
Focus: Science

Navigate the world of science through virtual reality. Students will learn primary schoool science through VR interactions in oceans, forrests and outerspace. This program is run using Facebook’s Oculus Quest.

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Micro:bit Coding, Engineering & Science

Level: Beginners
Focus: Software Engineering & Science

Learn to code Internet of Things (IoT) solutions with the BBC micro:bit. Students will learn to program this micro-computer on Microsoft’s block programming language, JavaScript and Python.


Learning Options Overview

Trial Class

$40 with 50% discount for DBS cardholders

This is a 1-to-1 session recommended for students with existing coding/robotics experience, where we’ll assess your child’s level of entry with us. If your child has no experience and you’ll like to see how he/she goes first, feel free to try a trial too.

Holiday Camps

$350 with 10% discount for DBS cardholders

Join us for a holiday camp each quarter, with a different theme each time to ensure a fun and engaging learning experience for your child. The upcoming camp available for bookings now is for June & July 2022.

Weekly Classes

Credit packages with 10% discount for DBS cardholders

Our weekly classes are flexi-hour to suit your schedule, where we’ll work with you on your preferred class days and hour. Class packages are sold as credit hours, which allows you to use your credits as you please.

DSA Program

FREE Assessment

Direct School Admission (DSA) is a program that allows Primary 6 students to apply to schools before taking the PSLE. Book in for a free phonecall assessment with us first where we’ll guide you on the program route suitable for your child.

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