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Class Enquiries

Can students still sign up for courses when they are aged below the minimum age required?

Age groups are indicated as a guideline. Enrollment of a child below the recommended age is permitted, based on his/her prior coding experience. We recommend that you book a trial with us so that an assessment can be provided prior to registering for a module.

Do students require prior coding experience to enrol in our classes?

We have many modules catered for absolute beginners. Feel free to email us at for a free consultation before enrolling in our advanced classes. Or sign up for a trial class today.

Do you offer online modules?

Depending on the module your child is taking, online classes can be made available.

May I see the timetable for your classes?

No we don’t have one. Our classes are flexi-hours, meaning you can book any slot convenient for you during our opening hours.

What is individualised learning?

Students can learn at their own pace and progress according to their ability. Every coding module is a structured program with pre-determined projects and milestones to accomplish.

Do you organise corporate workshops?

We can customise the workshop according to your company’s requirements. Do whatsapp/call on 8145-5004 for a further discussion.

Do you provide private lessons for individuals and groups?

Absolutely, we can set lesson schedules according to the individual’s or groups’ requirements. Do whatsapp/call at 8145-5004 for a further discussion.

Do you teach kids with learning disabilities or special needs?

Empire Code advocates inclusivity in our tech era. We believe that everyone can learn to code. We have partnered with Microsoft, SPD (Singapore Disability Centre) and AWWA Singapore to conduct workshops for participants with special needs. As a strong believer in equal opportunities, we have offered internships to individuals with special needs too!

How do I book a class slot?

Whatsapp/call 8145-5004 to book a slot. Please let us know the student’s name, campus location, date, time, and duration of the slot.

I would like feedback on my child’s learning progress.

If you would like feedback about your child’s progress, do let us know and we will arrange a briefing for you with the trainer.

I would like homework assigned for my child. Is this possible?

Yes, please inform our trainers and we will take note of your request.

Is it a requirement for students to start a module from the beginning, especially when they have prior coding experience?

We will gauge your child’s coding knowledge through our trial class and recommend a suitable level to continue his/her computer science journey with us. This is made possible with our individualised learning methodology.

Is there a minimum number of students to start a class?

We do not require a minimum number of students to start a class.

May I request a recurring class booking?

Yes, do let us know the student’s name, campus location, the day of the week, time, and duration of the slot.

My child has just finished a module and would like to continue. What would the learning progression be for my child?

We will take into consideration your child’s interest and coding proficiency before recommending the next course for your child to progress to.

What is the difference between holiday camps and weekly classes?

Both learning tracks are taken from the same curriculum, though we do have selected modules that are only available during the holiday camps. Our holiday camps are usually 10 hours to give your child a flavour of the module.

Which course is suitable for my child to start with?

We have plenty of options and we recommend that you speak to one of our friendly trainers or sign up for a one-hour trial at $38. During the trial, our highly experienced trainers will assess your child’s coding knowledge and recommend suitable courses.

Will there be any classes on public holidays?

We do not hold classes on public holidays unless otherwise specified.

Will you provide a certificate after each module is completed?

Yes, we will provide a badge and a certificate upon the completion of each module. Check out our Black Belt Coder certifcation program.

Class Policies

Are parents allowed to observe a class?

Parents are not permitted in the classroom as it distracts other students. If you would like feedback on your child’s progress, do let us know and we will arrange a briefing for you with the trainer.

Do you have a refund/make-up policy?

Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for more details.

Does my credit package expire?

Yes, the credit package validity starts from their purchase date.

What happens if I have paid for a holiday camp and we go into a lockdown due to Covid-19?

We do have contingency options in the event of a lockdown, they are: (1) You can opt for an online camp, conducted via Zoom (2) You can opt to convert the 10 hours of camp hours to 10 hours of weekly regular classes to be used when lockdown lifts (3) You can use the camp fee for the next school holiday.

What time should I drop off and pick up my child?

Please drop your child off 10 minutes before the class commences and pick your child up within 10 minutes after the class ends.

What is your cancellation policy?

While we do understand that plans can change, class cancellations have to be made 24 hours in advance for us to offer students on waitlist to take over the slot. Credits will be deducted accordingly for a late cancellation of less than 24 hours’ notice. In the event of an emergency however, do let us know

What mode of payment do you accept?

We accept Cash, GrabPay as well as Bank/PayNow transfers.

Class Preparations

Are there device preparations for the first lesson?

Yes and it depends on the course that your child has registered for. We would require the necessary programs downloaded in advance on your child’s device. Please refer to this link for the programs required.

Do we need to sign up for any accounts?

It depends on the module that your child is enrolled in. We will create and provide logins for all programs except for (1) Thunkable Mobile Apps which requires a gmail account and (2) Roblox Studio which uses the same login as your child’s Roblox account.

What additional items would you recommend students bring as well?

Please bring a computer mouse for programs which require a laptop, a water bottle and a sweater/cardigan. All other materials (including robotics sets) will be provided by us during class. We do have a water dispenser for students in the centre as well.

Would I be able to purchase the robotics kits used in classes?

We are authorised resellers of LEGO Education products and offer student rates if you are keen to purchase a robotics set for use at home or at the centre.